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FOX – 1.6L Saucepan, series: BLACK STEEL


Stylish are all names.

Fox. 1.6L saucepan from the BLACK STEEL series.

Black saucepan with black details.

Five Ply Di Lusso: 5 layers of prime steel – from Italy. Perfect heating, perfect heat dissipation.

Works on all pour types including induction and is industrially dishwasher safe. Heat-proof handles and Vargen & Thor’s iconic design elements.

Limited model. 1000 copies.

The definition of when details and hard work behind the product are noticeable. A new icon and a project that has been close to our hearts for years.

BLACK STEEL is something else. A clean power plant built in 5 layers with aluminum-core for perfect heating and heat dissipation.

Discover FOX. Discover the difference.


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EAN: 8059173142750

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Weight 1,4 kg
Dimensions 31,0 × 23,0 × 11,0 cm