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GLÖD Steakset (4 forks + 4 knives)

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A sharp knife and a hefty fork. Everything you want in a steakset.

GLOW is here. Our first barbecue cutlery. Comes in sets of 8 parts (4 forks and 4 sharp knives) or 16 parts (8 forks and 8 sharp knives)

GLOW – a delight. Made for lovely barbecue evenings and everything you can imagine. Made of the finest steel, from Italy.

When we were developing these barbecue cutlery, we wanted to focus on 3 things that we think other barbecue cutlery missed.

  1. A sharp knife that should lie comfortably in your hand. The primary thing in a knife, especially when it comes to barbecue cutlery.
  2. Four-toothed fork, not three-toothed.
  3. No wooden handles. These grill cutlery is 100% dishwasher safe and also goes in industrial-grade dishwashers.

So simple. So simple. We have checked off all our and also customers’ wishes. We have also managed to do it with a shimmering, unique design of the cutlery.

All this in a box that is stylish and perfect to give as a gift. To others or to yourself. Optionally.


EAN: 8 059173 142651

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Weight 0,9 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 6 cm
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8-piece (4 forks + 4 knives), 16-piece (8 forks + 8 knives)

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